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The word "Yoga" refers to something that brings you to the truth.

Yoga is a group of methods including physical, mental, and spiritual practices that developed in ancient India and aimed at controlling the mind, identifying the independent consciousness of the unaffected by a human mind, and common suffering.

Merits of Yoga

The benefits of Yoga depend on person to person.

It influences each person differently.

  • Yoga supports in improving mental stability

Both movement-based yoga treatments and breathing-based practices have been significantly enhancing symptoms of depression.

  • Yoga benefits heart fitness

Doing yoga every day helps reduce depression and anxiety, contributing to a healthier heart.

Several of the factors contributing to heart disease, including extra weight, can also be addressed through yoga.

  • It helps relieve back pain

Yoga is great as a basic stretch to relieve pain and improve the mobility of people with lower back pain.

  • Yoga helps you focus

Yoga poses helps you warms-up your muscles and build strength.

It helps in promoting focus, balance, flexibility.

  • It can help improve sleep

Yoga has helped in how quickly people sleep and how deep they sleep.

It is because of the influences of exercise and the peace of mind as the relief that yoga offers.

  • It will help improve physical health

Most poses in yoga are isometric contraction, which means that the length of the holding muscles does not change, even though they are fully engaged.

  • Improves breathing 

Yogi breathing is a practice that focuses on controlling your breathing through various exercises and breathing techniques.

It helps to increase the vital capacity of the lungs and prevents asthma and other lung diseases.Helps in the treatment of addiction Treatment of addiction is one of the most prominent benefits of Yoga.

Yoga helps prevent relapse, it helps in fighting drug cravings, it also helps people fight stress that leads to addiction.

Yoga also helps in the reduction of with drawal symptoms.

Daily yoga practice can help streng then your chest muscles, increase your lung capacity, and increase your level of oxygen supply.

Yoga can help keep your lungs healthy and strong and thus improve your breathing and oxygen supply.

Pranayama and other yogic instructions can help to activate the lung cells and streng then the lungs.

Yoga helps in relaxing a humans' body and mind.It helpe in releasing stress.

Although the examination is still narrow, the results are promising and confirmed by the people practicing yoga who have been saying for thousands of years that: Yoga is beneficial for the rest of our lives.

A yoga therapist can work with patients and integrate individualized programs that work together with their medical and surgical treatments.

That way, yoga can help the healing process and help the person experience symptoms with more significant engagement and less stress. 

Yoga is not restricted to physical movement only; it is a practice people can do every day.

Multiple activities can also be called yoga, and most do not involve physical exercise, but instead focus on meditation procedures.

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